Join the incredible adventure of the Heron Tree and of its extraordinary gardens.

If your are living in France, you will receive a tax certificate allowing for a 60% tax rebate on the donated amount.

Donations are made in the context of sponsorship, and as such the rewards remain symbolic.

You accumulate your rewards according to the sum of your donation

  • From 20€

Narrative of the construction: 

Twice a year, you will receive a newsletter telling you about the construction that was initially intended for the backers of the Kickstarter campaign. 

  • From 75€

Nominative co-sharing title deed :

You will be posted a luxury printout : special paper, gildings and embossing

  • From 200€

Nominative glazed plaque:

You will receive a glazed plaque (20×30 cm). It will be customized with the name of the contributor. (Made by Bretagne Émaillage)

You have backed our Kickstarter campaign and you wish to retrieve your authenticated certificate