Opening of the Grand Escalier

Par AAH 4 March 2021

EscalierOn October 24th 2020, the quarry’s huge staircase opened to the public. 28 meters tall and with 177 steps, the staircase drawn by François Delaroziere connects the Butte Sainte-Anne neighborhood to the Extraordinary Garden.Since its opening, thousands of people have enjoyed the lookouts breaking up the climb. They offer vantage points on the future location of the Herons’ Tree, at the heart of the Extraordinary Garden.As visitors climb up the stairs, they will discover each of the Tree’s levels as well as the Heron in flight, all free of charge.

Creation : François Delaroziere
Conception, construction and fitting : Co La Machine
Foundations for the staircase in the cliff: Companies Charier and Ouest Acro
With the help of Phytolab and the city’s green spaces services who designed and created the Extraordinary Garden

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