Become a Sponsor

There are different levels of private contributions. These currently amount to between 5000 € and 1.5 million €. Your sponsoring business can become “Grey Heron”, “Great Blue Heron”, “Goliath Heron” or “Imperial Heron”…

Contributions are made in the context of sponsorship, and as such the rewards remain symbolic.

Instalments may be made between 2019 and 2027 and if your business is domiciled in France you may be eligible for 60% tax rebate on the contributed amount.

Grey Heron

5 000€ to 49 000€

Great Blue Heron

50 000€ to 199 000€

Goliath Heron

200 000€ to 499 000€

Imperial Heron

500 000€ to 0€


  • All previously mentioned rewards (except the engraving on bench)
  • Exclusive business line sponsoring

    The company will be the only one in his line of business able to sponsor the Heron Tree.