Become a Sponsor

There are different levels of private contributions. These currently amount to between 5000 € and 1.5 million €. Your sponsoring business can become “Grey Heron”, “Great Blue Heron”, “Goliath Heron” or “Imperial Heron”…

Contributions are made in the context of sponsorship, and as such the rewards remain symbolic.

Instalments may be made between 2019 and 2023 and if your business is domiciled in France you may be eligible for 60% tax rebate on the contributed amount.

Grey Heron

5 000€ to 49 000€


  • Sponsor’s Club

    Twice a year, the Sponsor’s Club meets to discuss the project’s latest developments. There are currently about forty sponsors/members in the Sponsor’s Club. This is where we will give you the latest news on the project and its tie-ins with urban planning. It is also a place to meet and discuss with fellow business executives from various branches who all have in common that they care for the development and the reputation of our region.

  • Glazed Plaque

    A glazed plaque of the Sponsor’s Club logo will be given to all sponsors. It will be personalized with the name of the sponsor. (Made by Bretagne Émaillage) 

  • Events
    • Partake in Godfathers Club meetings
    • Invitations for the opening of the Heron Tree
    • Invitations to construction highlights
  • Involvement of employees in pre-opening tests

    Employees and their families will be invited to participate in the full-scale test of the tree before the opening. The invited participants will then discover, ahead of everyone else, the world of the Heron Tree. They will contribute to its completion.

  • Tale of the construction

    Each sponsor will receive a newsletter telling them about the construction of the Heron Tree twice a year. It was initially intended for the backers of the Kickstarter campaign. This newsletter could be then sent to the employees.

  • Recognition

    Each sponsor will be mentioned and identified at the entrance to the Heron Tree site

  • Pub table

    A customized “Heron Tree” pub table with the name of the sponsor. The table will be made by Ardamez

  • Deckchairs

    Customized deckchairs “[Your Business] supports the Heron Tree” – Made by Nantes based manufacturer “la chaise à Guy”. 3 designs.

  • Artworks

    Licence free images of the Heron Tree for your internal communication, website or trade shows (except commercial communication) to be used for as long as the Tree stands. The images will be provided by Les Machines. These artworks may not be used for direct commercial purposes but instead be employed to promote the sponsorship

  • De 5 000€ à 25 000€

Great Blue Heron

50 000€ to 199 000€


  • All previously mentioned rewards
  • Recognition upon a branch, root …

    The sponsor’s name will be displayed at the entrance one of the branches on the Heron Tree.

Goliath Heron

200 000€ to 499 000€


  • All previously mentioned rewards
  • Sponsoring of one of the machines from the mechanical menagerie

    The sponsor will be identified on one of the machines from the mechanical menagerie : Sloth, Humming Bird, Inchworm …

Imperial Heron

500 000€ or more


  • All previously mentioned rewards
  • Exclusive business line sponsoring

    The company will be the only one in his line of business able to sponsor the Heron Tree.