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A Shared Project

Heron Tree

A Shared Project 
The greatest urban tree on earth, will take root in an extraordinary garden at the heart of a black granite quarry carved out in the Sillon de Bretagne


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The Location

In the centre of Nantes, on the banks of the Loire River, in the heart of a brand new public garden, encased in high granite cliffs, the Heron Tree is an art piece located in a unique location which highlights the Extraordinary Gardens surrounding it. The Quarry, covering a two and a half hectares, is a green oasis for the Tree. When the old breweries nestling there were dismantled nature reclaimed the brownfield site. Carved in of the black granite of the Sillon de Bretagne, its southern, south-western exposure creates a micro-climate that allows for the establishment of extraordinary gardens.
The site is situated on the banks of the Loire River at about 800m as the “Heron” flies from the Machines de l'Île de Nantes.
The tree will be planted in the eastern part of the Quarry atop a small artificial mound (3m) with its accesses facing south.


The Heron Tree

Devised in 2002, the Heron Tree is an extraordinary project that will emerge in 2027, on the banks of the Loire River in Nantes. It will take root in a public garden that has been partially opened to the public since 2019.

The steel tree will be 50m in diameter and will culminate at 35m high.
The 22 branches of the Tree will make for a kilometre of expanded length.
Vegetation will cover the steel frame, and from one branch to another, the public will discover the incredible gardens as a succession of interconnected hanging terraces.

The Tree will be topped by Herons family that will allow passengers to take off for a circular flight at 42m above ground.

From the Heron Tree, people will have a unique view on the Loire River and Nantes.

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Opening of the Grand Escalier

EscalierOn October 24th 2020, the quarry's huge staircase opened to the public. 28 meters tall and with 177 steps, the staircase drawn by François Delaroziere connects the Butte Sainte-Anne neighborhood to the Extraordinary Garden.Since its opening, thousands of people have enjoyed the lookouts breaking up the climb. They offer vantage points on the future location of the Herons' Tree, at the heart of the Extraordinary Garden.As visitors climb up the stairs, they will discover each of the Tree's levels as well as the Heron in flight, all free of charge. Lire la suite